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Instructions for Installation and Use of Glass Rotor Flowmeter

⮱Glass rotor flowmeter is a commonly used flow measurement instrument, which is mainly used in chemical industry, petroleum, light industry, medicine, environmental protection, food and other industries. Users need to grasp certain precautions when using glass rotor flowmeter. Here we will introduce the precautions when using glass rotor flowmeter, hoping to help you.

⮱Cautions for Use of L-glass Rotor Flowmeter

⮱1. Before the glass rotor flowmeter is installed, the top lining of the flowmeter should be removed for the need of transportation and maintenance. And check whether the cone tube is damaged, whether the float can move up and down freely, check the normal rear device.

⮱2. Before using the device, the glass rotor flowmeter should check whether the technical parameters such as flow range, accuracy grade, working pressure, temperature and so on are in line with the requirements of field operation.

⮱3. The glass rotor flowmeter must be installed in the vertical position (the angle between the center line of the flowmeter and the vertical line of the lead is not more than 5 C) and supported correctly to prevent any external force from coming in. The minimum cone end of the imported cone pipe, i. e. the minimum numerical scale end, is located at the lower part of the cone pipe when it is installed.

⮱4. When installing the device, it is necessary to prevent the glass rotor flowmeter from being damaged by excessive external forces, such as pressure and torsion.

⮱5. The newly installed pipeline must be washed clean.

⮱6. The measured fluid should not be mixed with large particles of dirt, otherwise the float will be stuck or blocked. If necessary, according to different operating conditions, the filter should be installed upstream of the glass rotor flowmeter to prevent impurities from smearing and the plug rotor flowmeter from affecting normal use.

⮱7. The fluid pressure measured by the flowmeter must be stable. If the fluid is unstable and there is pulsating flow, it can not be measured correctly. In order to ensure the outstanding measurement of the rotor flowmeter, a buffer can be installed to eliminate the pulsating flow.

⮱8. When the rotor flowmeter is in operation, the control valve on the upstream pipeline of the flowmeter should be slowly opened first, and then the flow rate should be regulated by the regulating valve to prevent the sudden opening of the float from rapidly rising and damaging the cone tube.

⮱9. In order to obtain accurate measurement data, it is advocated that the common flow rate of the measured fluid should be more than 60% of the fractional flow rate of the rotor flowmeter.

⮱10. It is necessary to avoid the rapid change of the temperature of the measured fluid, and not to neglect the heat and cold. Different temperature measurements will have a certain deviation.

⮱11. When the contamination of cone pipe and float is found in use, it should be cleaned in time. If leakage is found in use, the sealing ring is generally invalid and should be replaced in time.

⮱12. Special attention should be paid to the fact that flow meters are common and anti-corrosive. It is necessary not to measure corrosive fluids with ordinary methods.

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