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Several Requirements for the Installation Environment of the Converter of Electromagnetic Flowmeter

⮱Electromagnetic flowmeter has very high requirement for installation environment. Electromagnetic flowmeter includes two important parts: sensor and converter. Sensors and converters also have different requirements for installation environment. Last time, the selection of installation environment for sensors was introduced. Next, several requirements for installation environment for converters of electromagnetic flowmeters were introduced.

⮱The converter of electromagnetic flowmeter is used as field installation instrument for field indication. The requirements for installation environment are as follows:

⮱1. The installation location of the electromagnetic flowmeter converter should be chosen in the site without strong vibration.

⮱2. There should be no corrosive gas around the installation site of the converter.

⮱3. The converter of electromagnetic flowmeter chooses the ambient temperature around the site to be between -10-45 degrees Celsius.

⮱4. The air relative humidity of the converter of electromagnetic flowmeter is 85%.

⮱5. The converter of electromagnetic flowmeter should be installed indoors. If it is outside, we should avoid measures such as rain proof and sun protection.

⮱When choosing to install the electromagnetic flowmeter, we should pay attention to the selection of installation environment. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the selection of the installation environment of the sensor and converter of the electromagnetic flowmeter. When choosing the electromagnetic flowmeter converter, we can refer to the above five requirements to install, so that the selected environment will be most suitable for the installation of the electromagnetic flowmeter.

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