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Characteristics and Application of Gas Turbine Flowmeter

⮱Turbine flow sensor can measure instantaneous flow rate and cumulative volume of liquid, and can also control liquid quantitatively. Sensors are widely used in factories, oilfields, chemical industry, metallurgy, papermaking and other industries. They are ideal instruments for flow measurement and energy saving. As one of the main methods of flow measurement, gas turbine flowmeter has many advantages. Here we will briefly introduce its characteristics and application occasions.

⮱Gas turbine flowmeter has high measurement accuracy, good repeatability and stability, wide measurement range, good linearity, high pressure resistance, low pressure loss; strong anti-interference ability, easy signal transmission; simple structure, easy installation and maintenance; if faults occur, it does not affect pipeline medium transmission. Good corrosion resistance.

⮱Because of its many advantages, flowmeters are widely used in the trade settlement of crude oil, natural gas and valuable fluids, as well as in the production process control of products, as the feedback signal provider and controller of the control system.

⮱Because of its good repeatability and reproducibility, it can be used as a standard flowmeter of flow calibration device of standard meter, or as a period check standard meter of flow standard device. Turbine flowmeter is often used as the transfer standard for quality comparison at home and abroad. Its main applications are summarized as follows: trade measurement, natural gas transmission and distribution network, urban gas, process control, petrochemical industry, power, industrial boilers, etc. Standard tables of standard devices usually require accuracy level not less than 0.2.

⮱However, there are still some unavoidable shortcomings, such as the inability to maintain the calibration characteristics for a long time, the need for periodic calibration; high requirements for media cleanliness (filters can be installed); flow meters are greatly affected by the distribution of incoming flow velocity (flow regulators can be installed). With the continuous increase of technology level, its shortcomings are being constantly improved and solved by means of technology.

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